Thursday, November 20, 2014

Before the Modern Seastead

From long way back then, some people around the globe already thinking about building their homes not in land for many reasons. Some may want to avoid wild beast or attack by others, some may like to be near the water, some others may only want to be left alone. The first bodies of water where people build their floating house probably the lake and the river. The following is a comparison of both places:

Calm water.
Slow stream, fast stream.
Reasons of Selecting
Seclusion. Defensive position.
Willingness to relocate immediately.

Using bodies of water as a moat that surrounds the habitation.
Using the river as a highway.
Evacuation Protocol
Going to the other side of the lake, still in one area with the threat.
Following the stream, may leave an area where the threat exists.

The Raft-house

The Raft-house is one of the simplest form of such non-land dwellings. It's relatively fast to built with less complexity. Some build using woods, some using bamboos. In some places I saw people using self made traditional ropes to tie up between bamboos, but in other place believe it or not, once I observe villagers using a "knock-down" system that interlocks and connects between different materials, that he said being taught through generations. What's the important with that? Hellow, no NAILS, no SCREWS. When civilization collapses, reliance to high-techs might be our undoing. A little low tech, historical, or even local wisdom related to materials and assembling technique can be a big difference.

The Floating Barrel-house / Drum-house

The more modern version of the raft-house is the floating barrel-house. It uses barrel / drum to float. It utilizes a modern day barrel, sometimes plastic but many prefer metal ones. In my journey, I experience that floating barrel-house is much more stable than the raft-house. One thing I think amazing is that some people has underwater cages for fish that are accessible from inside the house. How to describe it... Hmm... In the center of the house there is an opening (one or two barrel were removed to provide access.

The Shallow Water-house

This type of house stands on poles supporting the structure. In some regions people used bamboos or mangroves. Usually used as a kind of beach villa or surrounded with fish cages.

The Reef-house

The reef-house is just like a normal structure but built above a reef or coral? Or what they call those stone in the sea that sunks ships? Again this is suitable for you if you like hermitic-lifestyle and the feeling of detached from the mainland in the area. When you can't afford to own a land certificate, this might be a good option to try.

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Yes, I know the pictures and or diagrams may look sh*tty. Therefore if you're good with CAD, rendering or drawing, feel free to help me out.

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