Sunday, November 30, 2014

Food for Preppers: Indomie



A little post about prepping again, this time is about food for preppers. The Indomie. If you never heard about it, maybe there's an embargo for this product (just kidding) or you haven't check some alleys in the groceries or supermarkts. Why I recomend this? Because it tastes good and only need Heißwasser before you can eat it! Have tried some and at least I will recommend several flavours.

Wise man said:

A manga in Japan with the title Meshibana Deka Tachibana (めしばな刑事タチバナ) written by Sahee Sakado and illustrated by Tori Tabii put some review about it.

Worldwide, there are some songs about this product:

While these crew has more than one way to cook it:

This is my recommendation from all the bunch flavors available:

  • The Legendary Mie Goreng ("Mee Go-rang")
    This one is my favorite because its a fried noodle, but you cook it by boiling then toss the water away. So this one got no soup. If you ever heard about Nasi Goreng / fried rice, then this is like the noodle version. 
  • Special Chicken Flavour (w/ soup)
    Tastes better than its competitors. Good for cold weather.
  • Onion Chicken Flavour (w/ soup)
    Same as above. 
It is not a surprise if this plastic covered wonder can be found in disaster stricken areas to even in high class district because it doesn't take a lot of trouble, just hot water. It can also be considered internationale recognizable. From the shores of Nigeria, to the hills of US & A (Who has watched this movie ey? :D) But thats not all, I've seen people do the following:
  • Eat without being processed (EFFECTS UNKNOWN)
    Open and put all seasoning to the pack except the oil. Then grab the plastic pack repeatedly until you hear cracking voices of destructed dried noodles then shake it so the seasoning mix together. Just like that.
  • Using cup & hot water 
    You can fill all ingredients to the pack, crush the noodles then divided it into several cups, Pour hot water, wait few minutes. Sometimes I saw people put something to close the cup to prevent heat from escaping. The initial heat may contribute to the end results.
  • Using hot water in the plastic pack (EFFECTS UNKNOWN)
    When people don't have kitchen utensils or a pan, they just open the pack, insert all seasoning and oil, then pour hot water in the plastic pack while positioning it around some things so the plastic pack wont fell down. Sometimes they can just hang the hot filled pack to a nail.
  • Mix with other ingredients
    There are many ways to cook it, and I've seen people mixed it with rice, potato, chips, beans, and more.It is also meat friendly because when you add certain meat, it's like you have the taste of the meat enhanced. Don't forget eggs, you can mix during cooking or add separately.
I've tried whole bunch of instant noodles even with premium packages but honestly sometimes other noodles tastes like eating a hot watered paper. I'm not saying other noodles are not good, but just rarely find one that can be eaten repeatedly without getting bored too fast (This is good for food stock). If you can't find one in the supermarkt, try check in the China-town.

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