Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How to Start Prepping (2)

The second step after mental preparedness is:


What's the important about physical fitness?
If your body is not up to the challenges in unpredictable catastrophe, you would likely only adding up the number of casualties.

How fit I have to be?
Well that depends on you. For me its all about mobility. If you can move around freely without feeling dizzy, headache, etc. that's good enough.

And if you think I'm gonna write straight into physical exercises... Little bit later folks, I will start with:


Hell, I'm not gonna told you what to eat or not, I'm not yo'mama. But here's what I can suggest:
  • Diversify & Substituting
    Try to eat various kinds of food everyday. Don't just eat fries-sandwich - bacon -meatloaf, try exotic vegetables or fruits. Not just the ingredients but also the way you serve. Don't always use oil, try steam. Don't always cook, try raw (always check for more info what things that you can eat raw). Don't always rely on processed food, try some natural ones. This method is also to prepare your digestion system for various kinds of food and increase your knowledge of ingredients and taste. Example if you can't find meat, you can try mushroom or jackfruit to substitute. Once in emergency during flood I ate some canned catfood. I guess there's no side effect. Maybe just purring like a kitten during nap time.
  • Time Table / Schedule
    It's better for you not to succumb to your desire of constant crunching. Therefore, try to arrange what time is best for you to eat. You don't have to be strict but it's only serve as a guidance for you to not eating too much.
  • Portioning 
    You can eat the whole chicken bucket, that's  your right and I'm not gonna stop you from doing that. But hey, try to manage your portions. You can try various sizes from big to small. This activity is to prepare you for event of rationing, where food is limited and to make your body adapted to minimum intake without heavily affecting its performance.
    To make it fun, try create your own lunchbox or bento:
  • Hunger Games
    I used to skip lunch or skip breakfast and eat a brunch to save some buck. Although it's sounds weird, try to enjoy the hunger to increase your adaptability during scarcity of food. Sugar rush anybody? 
  • Drink Water
    Sugary drinks tastes good, booze tastes awesome ~ however I recommend you drink enough water, plain ones. It's my habit to boil some water and somehow don't like to drink tap water directly.


Personal hygiene may not be a top priority during survival scenario, but I still believe it's necessary for the purpose of maintaining health factor.
  • Stay Dry
    If you're wet and your clothes are damp maybe because of sweat or going through a river and you just keep wearing them like that, you can get skin disorder or fungal infections like jock itch, ringworms, etc. Take your time to dry up.
  • Stay Well Covered
    The purpose is to shield your body from unfriendly weather, sudden change of temperature, or even cover your nose and mouth from accidently inhaling undesired substance. When you're well covered, it's likely you can maintain your health better.
  • Stay Clean
    Cleanliness is a privilege in catastrophic times, but it has its merit. Example you can clean your fingernails using folded paper. Why the hell we must clean our nails? Worm eggs man, don't want those in your stomach. How many times did you take a bath daily? Other example is what is the last time you changed your underwear? As gross as it sounds, some lazy ass might just do so, even rotate underwear sides rather than changing to fresh undies. Speaking of ass, you should start thinking how to clean yours without dependent on toilet paper. In emergency situations you would have lucky if you found toilet at all.
  • Treat your Wound
    If you got wounded, especially like open wounds then you have to tend them so they don't get infected.
  • Stay Cool
    This one is not conventional. In event of disaster it might be advantageous if you still manage to look nice and friendly. This may will increase your opportunities of gaining new friends or even new allies. Or you might be covered in dirt and such, but you smells good, maybe other survivors and fellow preppers will be more friendly to you. Don't get the point? When you try to blend with survivors, better than you smell stinkin like sh*t and all.
    PS: Take note that for blending with nature, becoming smelly is an effort to conceal your presence.


I believe that you don't have to be six pack and athletic to be fit. How many times you heard someone telling you to exercise, workout, etc.? One thing you have to remember is you have to choose what is suitable for your body. I recognize some people may be thin some are less thin. Some has big bones (like Eric Cartman said), some may be skinny. Some can be tall, some can be short. Some have limitations, etc. So don't push yourself too hard with someone else's regiment if you feel it's not compatible with your body. However, please don't make that as an excuse for not to exercise. No pain, no gain. The following is what I do:

  • Daily
    Sit-ups, push ups (Sometimes just 5x, sometimes 10x, sometimes more)
    Is that number too small to be called an exercise? 
  • Weekly
    Running, goes to gym
  • Monthly
  • Special Schedule


In my experience, a little fence jumping or swimming may be the difference between life and death. Which I again regret my inability to swim. Again to remind, the purpose performing sports is to maintain physical fitness. However the following is a plus for a prepper if you can do it:

  • Swimming
    Well, the truth is not everyone can swim. I remember when a friend told me "Don't worry, everything will float in the pool". So I jumped in, lasted for a few seconds and ended up in the bottom of the pool. You got kids? Teach them swim early. 
  • Parkour
    This special skill will allow you to move more flexibly especially in urban environment. Try watch the movie Yamakasi for more info.
  • Mountaineering
    When you are able to master rockclimbing or mountaineering equipment such as rope, cord, carabiner, etc. you can perform safe evacuation from high places. 
  • Archery
    Who doesn't love Daryl ey? You can use composite bow, crossbow or create your own. Just for info, getting a headshot (bullseye) is not as easy on television.
  • Shooting
    I believe this is essential, however some states or countries are not allowing civilians to possess firearms therefore if you got one you're a one lucky prepper. Remember, with big guns, comes big responsibility.
  • Wushu
    They got short and long weapons that you can find useful during emergencies. You ain't thinkin fightin zombies bare handed do you?
  • Hack n Slash
    This one is not actually a sport, but when I observe a woodcutter cutting a wood using axe, I realize that the technique is effective to hack n slash hard objects plus it's quite a physically demanding activities. Decapitating zombies wouldn't be a problem once you master this skillset. That's what I call an axe effect.

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