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How to Start Prepping (3)

Assuming you are mentally prepared and physically fit, you might want to rush buying and storing some things like fuel, dried food, etc.?

Well I do hope you have a plan figured out because the third step after mental preparedness and physical fitness is:


What does it means?
You have to make at least several scenarios / plan some what-to-do list.  

Ideally a prepper would be prepared for anything. Ranging from natural disasters to alien invasion, from zombie outbreak to meteor shower. Most of us started as a general prepper. while some others have some specific catastrophe to prep. Either way you choose to become, nobody knows what tomorrow will brings. It could be cloudy with a chance of meatballs ey?

For me there are two basic protocols:


in other words,


Don't tell me you don't get the last one? Well, if no one complains, let us continue. The two is like a single strategy because when bug-in fails, you have to bug-out. When you bug-out and you find a nice place to stay, you bug-in. And so it goes on and on until everything comes back to normal. Which one to do first? Commonly people do the bug-in first in their own place, but some others have some bug-out location other than their homes. So choose what is best for you.


I bet you're thinking about storing some canned foods again? A bit later mate.
  • Headcounts + Daycounts = Headache
    Decide how much people you must feed and for how long you plan to bug-in. A month, three months, maybe six or even years? This will help you in determining what to stock and how much of it. Some family member may have allergies to certain food, so with that information you can have some specific supplies ready for him/her. Don't forget some meds.
  • Base + Equipments Check = The Shopping List
    Start walk around your house and check what you can do to improve. Check your garage or workshop for available tools. If you got five drills of the same type that means you're not good with remembering your stuff man. Sometimes we buy the same stuff over and over because we forgot that we have one or don't remember where we stored them. 
  • Can You Produce Food Stuffs?
    Some preppers love hidroponics, some others love rooties (any edible plants that the edible parts is below the ground). Check if your lawn can support edible stuffs.
  • Power Banks
    Anything that can produce or store power for emergencies.
  • Prepare Storage & Space
    If you can produce food stuff, don't forget to add mason jars, cans, seal bags, or other type of containers in the shopping list if necessary. Prepare where you'll going to store the supplies. You have to consider some may not fit to be stored inside the house such as fuel tank. Well that's no problem until maybe your kids start playing fire near it. Actually I got a jerry-can that I store inside, but for larger drums it must be put somewhere safe. I also do hope you didn't force to store too many things inside a living space like bedroom or kitchen or even shower. If your room or even house is too full of supplies until it's hard even to move around, that's a big no. Maybe you can sacrifice a room or two for storage but I do hope not all of the house. Prepping and hoarding is not the same thing.
  • Review the Shopping List = Budgeting & Black Budget
    As you list the necessities, you will see so much things to buy. You don't have to buy them all at once. Take it easy, weekly or even monthly or some things yearly. Start dividing them so it can fit your budget. For some large expenses, you might have to make some black budget (secret budget) hiddenaway from your spouse LOL. Don't forget to diversify the food so you don't get bored with the menu and try to find the ones with loooooooo~~~~~~~~~~oooooong expiration date. Obviously theres always a debate about what to buy, is it needs or wants. Well, I suggest the percentage of needs should be higher, maybe a 10% of wants is okay. When getting head to head with an apocalypse, a little sweet treats might just made your day a little bit brighter.
  • Shopaholic Time
    Now it's time to shop. Usually people around you will start thinking that you are a shopaholic. Don't be too strict with the list, because sometimes you'll see some things are just good stuffs for preppers. Mmm yeaa portable water filtration system, oww yeaa solar panel battery charger, you know those kinds of stuffs.
  • Geographical Survey
    What they call it in simple words? Read some maps, and look around. Remember the location of various stores because they might be useful later if you want to scavenge some things during disaster. Take notes on landmarks or notable structures, can be used as meeting point. See if there any natural objects like mountain or sea or river that can be used to assist navigation. Try to read the compass, or at least know where east-west-north-south  is. Compare with natural occurrence such as sun rise or sun set to help you finding directions. Try some new roads and see possible obstacles. Assess the neighborhood for various safety aspect.
  • Home Improvement
    You can reinforce or improve various aspect in your house to become more prepped. Home sweet home. It would be an advantage if you got a kind of crows nest around the house. Also consider what safe defense mechanism that can be implemented in and around your house without endangering other people. No electric fence and no land mines please! Well at least until you are facing undead. If it's zombieland, anything goes.
  • Recon
    Basic recon is with binocular or periscopic mirrors. My advice is don't let the neighbors feels you are eyeing on them. Others uses cctv, you know those security cams. If you got extra budget, its the time for the drones!
    A night vision and thermal camera will also be nice, but those stuffs usually got hi-price and not as easy to find in your local supermarket.
  • Make Some Allies
    When disasters happens, some allies can increase the odds of survival. Join or create fellow prepper networks or Mutual Aid Group. Exchange ideas, recognize each other's specialty. It's safer to have someone who got your back and ready to assist. Power in the number, the more the merrier.
  • What-to-do-List / Action List
    This list is a set of reminder of what you must do if a disaster event really occurs. It may consists of who to call, what to do to protect the base (house), what to do if electricity and telecommunication went down, etc. and the last is when and where you must escape during emergency. 
  • Equipment Maintenance & Supply Check
    After all sorted out and nothing happens. No kaiju arrives, what you can do is performing maintenance on the equipment so they're will always be ready when needed. Also check the cans for expiry. Replenish the stock when needed.


Run forest, ruun!
In certain times, you have to abandon your safehaven and run away to safer place. Better to prepare for the worst, take the following into your consideration:
  • Bug-Out-Destination
    It would be nice if you have some secondary prepped place. Nevertheless, the bug-out-destination / bug-out-location can be anywhere but here. That's why you need to do geographical survey and recon to provide options of safe passage or waypoints from your current place to the destination. And remember I think seastead will be an example of a nice bug-out location when everything in-land goes kablooeey.
  • Bug-Out-Bag
    A set of supplies and equipment in a bag that can be carried by a person. Usually it contains food, med-kit, map, clothing, and valuable personal items. The bigger and heavier the bag, the less mobile you are.
  • Bug-Out-Vehicle
    A vehicle with purpose to deliver prepper into safe location. May be loaded with additional supplies and equipment for multiple persons and longer durations. This is your beast of burden. Larger vehicle means more supplies can be fitted.
  • Bug-Squasher
    Any self defense mechanism that can be used against hostile threat during bug-outing. It is better to have long range defense mechanism during bug-out because close encounters with threat may cost you more than you expected. Better get some distance with any threat. Better avoid and prefer not to confront any hostile threat. However if those threat is keep on bothering you, sometimes it is unavoidable to use the bug squasher to eliminate those buggers.
  • Camping Trip
    If the bug-out destination is more than a few days ride, you might also consider to set-up camp to rest. Example is when weather going bad or visibility dropped rapidly.
  • Negotiation Skills
    To escape danger, one may have to negotiate with unfamiliar parties. If it is possible, try to reach an understanding, trade, doing favors, or even exploring a win-win solution.

Actually there is one other protocol but I hope will not occur to any of us, its the one where during a catastrophic event you're not in home or near.your prepped place and have to abandon the place. I call it the:


(Obviously Can't Return At Prepped-site)

Suppose you're on your way to workplace or college using  subways and suddenly there's a bio-chem attack near your location and it's blocking you from going back home to your cozy prepped fortress. It is likely you are in the following condition:

  • INCH Bag
    You might already know its an abbreviation of I'm Not Coming Home. It is a kind of bug-out-bag that you carry anytime anywhere. Forget about the house, forget about so many hours you have invested in building your prepped dream house, live to fight another day. If you think that's a bit too much, I always carry mine.
    Collect All Things Necessary In Surrounding Space, sounds familiar eh? This is a bag with the purpose of an INCH bag, but you assemble it on the go. If you are totally unprepared, the first recommended things I suggest you to obtain is a bag (even a plastic bag will do) and some bottled water, the rest can be found along the way. Like the old saying: Grab 'em, and bag 'em. The abbreviation is a tribute for a movie about hunter games, where the characters has to collect equipment he/she encounters along the way to survive. Who has seen that movie, fellas? Just for reminder, in extreme emergency a person might have to buy-trade-ask-beg- or even *cough* steal. The last one is not recommended of course.  

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