Monday, November 24, 2014

How to Start Prepping

After several posts about Seasteading, it's only fair if I start to write about Prepping.

Why should we do prepping?
To increase our chance of survival (survivability) against sudden catastrophic event.

Prepping is like buying a lottery. If you buy lottery, you have the chance to win. But if you don't buy, you won't have the chance to win anything at all. If you win ,that's great. If you don't, that's fine.

Chance to win what? Disaster?
No, it's the chance to win some additional time to survive against all odds.

There are many methods of prepping. The following is what I implement until today:

The first and foremost and the primary step in prepping, the numero uno is...


What the hell those words means?
I interpret it as KEEP CALM! People can panic or traumatized during and or after the occurrence of extraordinary event.

What is important with being calm?
When you are calm, you can make better judgement in decision making.

Stare at the the following image and picture it on your mind until you are hypnotized by its subliminal message and you will know what you must do during chaotic events.

There are various activities that can helps in achieving a calm mind such as:


What I do is I sit cross-legged and perform the following regiment:
  • Detachment Training with closed eyes
    This one I found relatively easy because you have to close your eyes and ignore everything. Everything around you is irrelevant, your mind is clear. Don't be surprised if after a few minutes you'll just fall into sleep. The focus is to clear (close) all senses from stimuli.
  • Detachment Training with open eyes
    This method is easier said than done, because when you got your eyes open and sees things, the mind process the information. And the mind sometimes links the information with other data. Example is you see a banana, it reminds you of twinkies then monkeys or a banana boat and suddenly the yellow color makes you remember vitamin C tablets and Commander Data's uniform and ofcourse Bumblebee the autobot. The mind is some scary sh**. I don't want to be philosophical but the mind is surely like an ocean so wide, so deep, so much surprises.
  • Observation Training
    If previously we ignore information, now it's time to process information. Mostly using eyes and ears as our sensors. Example if you see a pen (normal condition) in this training you have to be able to gather multiple information of an object and its surrounding and the possible effects it may inflicts on its surrounding simultaneously. So the next time you see a pen, you'll also automatically records its color perhaps a red pen, its brand, and you see there are some writings on the wall some match with the pen, some doesn't match at all, etc.
  • Sense Enhancement Training
    With closed eyes, you have to sense your surroundings. The ears, nose, and skin becomes more sensitive. Hear the sounds, differentiate between ringtones and real cat's meow. Smell the scent around, which one is flower which one is perfume. Feel the wind and raindrops and temperature changes through your skin. Will be useful later when you experience limited visibility such as in electrical failure, or you go to place where no lamps around. Consider a pitch black environment scenario.
  • Selective Detachment Training
    Now with your eyes open you can focus on something and ignore the others. In real life this is good when you are doing something. Maybe learning for some test or preparing some speech and some bullies comes around trying to grab your attention, no problemo.
You don't have to do all of them at one session or doing it everyday. I usually only take one method each week or every two weeks. For the time each session I don't have any recommendation but you should know when to stop, maybe few minutes up to you. I myself can take quite a bit of time but that is not the point. The point is you can control your FOCUS.

When you have a calm mind, during cataclysmic events you can stay alert in much relaxed state.
After you tune-up your sensors,now it's time to tweak the operating system and the software.
  • Mind Simulation / Mind Games
    To perform this you have to make sure that you are not having troubles in distinguishing between fantasy and reality. Here you have to cultivate your imagination. In simple words, try making some what-if scenario.
    What if a disaster strikes today?
    What will I do if a disaster strikes?
    Can I survive alone without any acquaintances, friends, or family?
    What to do when there's no toilet?
    Can I survive without the comfort of technology such as internet, electricity, etc.?
    How do I catch a fish, rabbit, squirrel, or other animals in the wilderness?
    If someone hits me, can I control the anger and not retaliate?
    What to do if trapped and there's no escape?
    Can I live without money or what to do when money is no longer accepted currency?

    Can I lie for survival?
    Do I have the guts to deal with some gut before cooking some things?

    Can I handle blood, vomit, or feces?

    If I have to lose limb to survive, will I be able to cope with the aftereffects?
    Will I have the courage to give mercy when required? 
    Can I handle hostage situation?
    Can I handle loneliness?
    Can I handle myself with the loss of family members/friends?

    The ones marked with red are examples of some scenarios that you have to exercise with caution. If you become emotion-less or even hysteric, it's better to stop the simulation or even the whole regiment rather than makes you turned emotionally cold or even worse got some screw loose *cough* coocoo *cough*.
    I suggest the calmness of MacGyver not Dexter or Lecter or Joker.


If you can better regulate your breathing, you can reach calmness easier.
  • Inhale - Exhale
    Feel the difference between normal  breathing and deep breathing. Try to hold your breath then try various speed of its release. Release from nose, other times release from mouth.
  • Cardio & Relaxation
    You can try running, hiking, cycling, hit the gym, etc. If you rarely run for example, the next time you run you'll feel easily fatigued and your heart will be beating so fast. However in the long run if you keep training, you'll find that even with more speed and more distance the heart will beat in a more relaxed way and you feel less fatigued sometimes even felt more energized. For easier observation, try the heart meter on a treadmill and take notes on the numbers.
  • Tai Chi
    Tai chi is a form of martial art. Why don't I just write martial art? Because it got the silk reeling exercise. Watch the youtube video below to see how it is done.
  • Sing, Whistle, or Play Mouth Musical instrument
    Yea, it's time to do some blow j~~ee... I mean blow some horns, flute, harmonica, acordeon you name it. Singing in the bathroom or a little bit of karaoke would also be nice. While the music can help to raise some spirit or being used in ice breaking, the purpose of playing is to train your breathing in a much more fun and entertaining method. That if you sing or play the tunes and instrument right, or you'll just gonna give people headache and they'll starts throwing you tomatoes.

Make yourself prepared by feeding the mind with various information.

  • Watch some Scary Movies
    Scary movies, actually even other movies either it's sci-fi or other genre can serve you with various scenario. Movies usually have the threat factor and how to deal with it, and that can reduce your doubts and or level of surprise if you encounter anything bizarre. Example if you are familiar with zombie movies, you might able to recognize if it's actually happening while others still have no idea whats going on.
  • Watch Documentaries
    Documentaries about war, famine, hostage situation, riot, stock market collapse, subprime mortgage, and of course about disaster and survival will increase your readiness and experience.
  • Read or Watch How To Tutorials about Prepping
    Reading books or watch about prepping will help you to decide what steps you must take in cataclysmic event.

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