Friday, November 21, 2014

Modern Sea Settlements

Welcome to Sealand

When I'm thinking about sea habitat / settlement, the first thing that comes to my mind is the famous Sealand. This structure was formerly a seafort used for artillery against the Reich's Luftwaffe during the WW2. It's motto and the anthem titled E Mare Libertas (From the sea, freedom) surely shows the spirit of independency. They also got some exclusive goodies in their store:  where you can be a knight and such. Why would people go to the sea in a relatively isolated condition? The answer is simple: more freedom.

For more information about Sealand visit the following site:

The Underwater Hab of Jacques Cousteau

Long time ago I saw a documentary about the sea, to be precise about the underwater world. The man on the documentary said about the potential of the sea, underwater sea colonies, etc. He and several people live underwater for some period of time on a base that shaped like a sea star / star fish. How to say it in sorter words? PUREE' AWESOMEE'
The picture below shows an illustration about how deep the habitat is from the surface. And yep thats a little yellow submarine on the far right of the image. Makes me want to sing the Beatles' Yellow Sub...

In the town where I was born,
Lived a man who sailed to sea,
And he told us of his life,
In the land of submarines.

So we sailed on to the sun,
Till we found a sea of green,
And we lived beneath the waves,
In our yellow submarine.

We all live in a yellow submarine,
Yellow submarine, yellow submarine.
We all live in a yellow submarine,
Yellow submarine, yellow submarine.

Visit this link to see more examples of underwater habitat:

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