Friday, November 28, 2014

My Imaginary Seastead: The Barge-o-Sphere

The name said it all, it's a kind of biosphere in a barge or a barge turned into a kind of biosphere. Well, not exactly a spherical shape but you get the point ey?

Barge with roof. Simply said the Barge-o-sphere is an enclosure. The roof can also be equipped with artificial lighting to suffice the needs of certain plant species. Adequate and appropriate lighting and temperature control may boost the productivity of plants. Can be very useful for agricultural and other studies, also artificial climate with purpose to have penguins inside. Don't know how, but I also hope the barge-o-spheres can function like a Faraday cage during lightning storms. If you got ideas, especially if its on your field of expertise please be kind to elaborate in comments or create your blog-post so I can put a link here.

The Barge-o-spheres can be utilized for several functions such as:
  • Artificial habitat (arctic, freshwater animals, etc.)
  • Plantation & farm.
  • Workspace.
  • Warehouse.
  • Economical activities (trade, market, business, stock market,),etc
More barge-o-spheres means the possibility of producing more items which in return contributes to the self sufficiency of the Seastead, or even when it reaches surplus it can contribute to the welfare and economical activities of the Seasteaders.

Why build a farmhouse inside a barge with roof?
Well, a little bit nostalgic with the conditions inland. 

I still know what you did last summer.... Chasing penguins!

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