Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Imaginary Seastead: The Central Observation Tower

When the fleet arrives at the designated location, the first thing to establish is the central observation tower. From the Floating Production System Platform, we have to add some nice observation deck above the existing tower.

The purpose of the observation deck is to provide a 360 degrees of view during the Seastead building process. Like an ATC tower of an airport, people in this tower must observe and guide ships using radios where they must perform their duties. Can also be used as a light house to guide incoming ships during foggy night deliveries. The well bay module might be useful later.
As we can see from the picture above, the ships looks allover the place. Well, as far as I know parking a ship isn't as easy as parking a car. Later we will arrange their position so they will be more organized.

Like in the previous post, the cruise ship purpose is to provide rooms for the builders and workers so they can enjoy the long seaworks. To undertake such ambitious project may take up to a thousand people or more. Welding, assembling and such. With so many people on the sea, the aircraft carrier becomes the airport for the fleet. In case of emergencies that requires immediate flight. The carrier can also be very useful for a base to perform reconnaissance such as taking aerial photos using drones or helicopters.

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