Friday, November 28, 2014

My Imaginary Seastead: The Skeleton Ship

The Skeleton Ship or I'd like to call as Skelly (singular) or Skellies (plural) is an imaginary ship that can be retrofitted to suit various purpose.

There it is folks, like two boats tied up together and looks like a fish bone. The basic function of the skelly is to become a pier where other ships can dock. And you see those two horizontal bars that connects the front and the rear body of the skelly? It's a lane where people and vehicles can pass through. I don't make the skelly head or tail as perfect hexagon with consideration of sea condition that may be difficult to obtain perfect interlocking between ships due to waves etc. If you ask why it looks like a skeleton while a normal ship can also be positioned like that, the answer is to reduce materials and to provide a platform for engineers to tinker with possibilities of adding various enhancement to the skellies.

More Skellies modification will be on other blogpost, to prevent this post becoming a longcat.

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