Thursday, November 20, 2014

Seasteading vs Prepping

Whats the connection between Seasteading and Prepping?
Lets make an example of the famous zombie apocalypse scenario.

Are you a Prepper?
Good, you will have a mega head start.
You dig in and wait for things to calm down. Maybe alone, maybe with some fellas.
After a few cans of rations started to pile up, you know that resources are growing thin.

Maybe it's time to hit the road, you said to yourself.
You got your bug out bag?
Excellent, now what to do?
You want to run?
So you run and run, through cities, towns and villages.

Guess what? Zombies everywhere.
Go west and what you'll end up with? The Sea.
Go east and what you find in the end? The Sea.
Go north or south, keep going and at last you find what? The Sea!

If only you had somewhere to go.
Then you heard a transmission from a place called a Seastead.
They got food, shelter, and many more to prevent the extinction of humanity.

Whats the different between ship and Seastead?
There are many differences but for this scenario, Ship was designed to transport people, while Seastead was designed to support people for living in open sea. In other words, (if the Seastead is well managed) you'll last longer in terms of supplies.

Wouldn't there be the same? Where man can live, so will zombie infection likely be able to spread there?
Oh great, that's a hard question. But at least there won't be as much as out there. The sea itself becomes the first line of defense like a giant moat surrounding a castle. 

Hell, I don't believe that Seasteads can escape zombie plague!
Well, well isn't that a negative attitude. If only you participate in the building of those Seasteads in early stages, giving suggestions on the design, giving advice in system redundancy and defense protocols, they should become more zombie-proof. Regrets always comes last, if it comes early its called registration!

I still dont get the connection between Seasteading and Prepping.
In short, a Seastead will be an excellent destination for Preppers. If I'm not mistaken, a man that builds a shelter called the Ark said something about that during cataclysmic event, people often only thinks on their own survival but forget about the part of rebuilding the civilization. For me, a base on the sea is a good starting point.

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