Sunday, December 28, 2014

Why Promoting Seasteading to Preppers?

Seasteading might be a strange word to many. It is actually like doing homesteading with a group but in the sea. Currently there's an organization called the Seasteading Institute that advocating it. They got this cool website, youtube channel, events, forums, etc. Please watch these videos to get a better grasp of the movement.

And the following are the reasons why I promote it to fellow preppers:
  • Seasteading is not a prepper exclusive effort, but it can be a type 10 prepping activity (read previous post on my classification of preppers).
  • It is an interesting concept for a Bug Out Destination / Bug Out Location when all things in land went in chaos.
  • It provides experimental platform for preppers to test various things from planting, building, economic system to alternative governmental system.
  • You know how it quite annoys me when some people just try to associate bad things with preppers? Like one time there are some shootings and somehow some people immediately associate or portrays the perpetrators as survivalist/preppers just because they often wear camo pants or something? Or sometimes some media portrays preppers and survivalist as anti-government, delusional, gun toting, food hoarding, good for nothing bunch? Well, here we have the chance to become pioneers and again the ability to test various prepping methods. We are not a threat to the society but we are part of the solution, not part of the problem.
Currently the concept is more on how to live in the sea, and that is exactly where the prepping ideas can be integrated in the early stages of the development. All those what-if scenarios should be interesting to be compiled and implemented to a seastead.

I just only hope it is not too close to the land, because it will be like camping next to a convenience store :D.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Types of Preppers

This is the way I use to identify preppers. A prepper can be in multiple categories in the following table and sometimes intentionally or unintentionally can change types.

Type Name Info
Type M Great migration Maintain a large group to move geographically because of previous location is no longer habitable.
Type 10 Visionary Build or transforms facility primary for prepping purposes and allows survivors or allies to come over and band together .
Type S Solution provider Prepper that create products that supports prepper cause like safe rooms, portable water filtration system etc. 
Type 9 VIP Have a prepped home plus multiple bug out locations or caches.
Type 8 Two timer Have a prepped home and one bug out location.
Type 7 Road king Have multiple bug out locations or caches.
Type 6 Escapist Have bug out location available.
Type N Networker Able to communicate with fellow preppers or other parties through various telecommunication channels.
Type 5 Large scale collective/community prepping Multiple villages or multiple stories buildings participants.
Type 4 Medium scale collective/community prepping One village or one multi stories building participants.
Type 3 Small scale collective/community prepping Small group, like neighbourhood watch type.
Type 2 Core group prepping Focus on core family or buddies in one house.
Type 1 Self prepping Focus on himself/herself.
Type 0 Survivalist Can sustain without provisions.
Type X Survivalist plus Can sustain without provisions with lethal force as last resort of action.
Type XT Screw Loose / Marauder / Bandit Willing to plunder or use lethal force above negotiations.

Most preppers are a type 0+1, and why is that? Because going up to the ladder requires not only more effort and more cost, but also more trust. I use the numbers to describe the amount of resources required to be invested by a prepper, and letters means that type requires some specific actions. type 1 requires more resources than type 0, type 4 requires less resources than type 5 and so on. Why type 5 that requires more resources considered easier than type 6,7,8, or 9 that obviously has less people involved? That is because I assume that the effort of type 6 to 9 is heavier due the cost are being sustained personally while the type 5 although got more people and resources are created from pooling resources and cooperation. 0 is not a bad or weak number. They who are new in prepping usually a type 1 and not always ready to become a type 0.

If you ask who is the example of a type 10 prepper?
There's a man with the name Bruce Beach that built the Ark Two shelter over the last decades. He might not identify himself as a prepper though but rather as a reconstructionist with aims to provide a chance for survivors in his shelter to rebuilt culture. See the following article to know more:
On the other side there is one particular worrying possibility of a Type XT person or group, where they might start as a prepper or at least knows about prepping but when SHTF they start targeting other people or even preppers for their caches. Some labels them as marauder or bandit, and usually they are the type that has the following mindset:
  • "Better me than you."
  • "Less mouth to feed."
  • "The strong shall survive, the weak shall perish."
  • "The wonder of plunder."
This kind of people are usually only looking to justify themselves and reasoning likely will fail.

So when you feel you're bored with prepping, maybe you can try become other type of prepper. Like I've said before, prepping is not just about piling cans and ammo.

What types are you?

Thursday, December 25, 2014

When Someone Gives Up on Prepping

Just visited an old friend and when it comes to "What you add on your prep lately?", he replied that he is no longer doing "that sort of stuffs". He showed me the room that was previously his cache, now is merely a storage for old junks.

Why did someone gives up on prepping?
Is it the costs? Is it the critics? Is it the boredom?

Well of course someone can decide when to be or not to be a prepper anytime. This is not a cult whatsoever, but hearing the "I quit" word from your long time buddy surely gives a bit of disappointment.

If you say about costs, you can always prep to what you can afford. If it is about boredom, maybe you already too satisfied with what you have and cease to explore new alternatives. In my buddy case, he just cant stand it when people around him can't comprehend what he is doing.

I always consider prepping not as a skill, but as an art (that involves various skillsets). And like other type of arts, it can only be understand by someone who have interest upon it. Art inspires people by engaging their imaginations and expands their horizon. It takes one to know one, ey?

One critic my buddy said is many consider this activity is just a waste of time like waiting for godot. The other one of course the comments that maybe can be simplified as, "What kind of weirdo stores food for a year while there are convenience stores all around for twenty four seven?". Some may think the best day for a prepper is the day when sh*t hits the fan. When societies collapsed, etc. etc. Like winning a jackpot or something. Dang, aint that makes preppers looks so selfish? And don't pretend to be surprised if someone thinks we're just a bunch of coocoo. What we do might be a little bit eccentric to some, so we should just enjoy the critics. That's why don't show the cache to everyone, it should be only for fellow preppers :D

There are many articles that points out "facts" that everything continues on no matter what the world has thrown at us. I guess many oversimplifies such statement. Yes, I agree that most things will comes to normal gradually after any great events. But lets have this question in mind. When some public services halted during disaster for example, what you do? Complains? Waiting handouts from an agency? It is now a culture to blame others or something when we are failing to take care of ourselves. In normal times its already common to criticize a lot, let alone in harsh times. Most preppers are just only want to give their best efforts for themselves and their families or maybe their groups so they can buy some more time when gloomy days did come. However, it is important not to become too obsessive to the point of hoarding so much stuffs.

So prepping is not just about piling cans or ammo. Prepping should be fun, not becoming a burden.

Will I gonna stop prepping?
Hell, no.
Will you?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Lonely Christmas Song

Almost Christmas, and this song is for you who plans to spend it alone. No intent to bring gloom, you might read the song title and said what the... Even how depressing the song lyrics may be, its actually a reminder for those who likes too much of being alone to re-connects with friends or family rather than spending the holiday alone. On the other hand if you're the merrier type, if you see some loner friends, share them some joy might be a good idea. This is audio only, so the screen should be blank.

Happy Lonely Christmas

On one day in December
The sun goes to slumber
The moon shines calls the stars
For a night that some say its special

The streets are full of lamps
With all the rainbow colors
People walks and smiles
Joyful in their hearts

 So happy lonely Christmas
 From me to me cos there’s nobody else
 Around to celebrate this Christmas eve

 Snowflakes fallin softly
 Cold in my hand but warm in my heart
 Bring back old memories inside my mind

So tell me what I’ve missed
Tell me what I do wrong
I wish I can turn back
Time where I belong

People comes and go
Good things long time gone
Drifting like a bottle
further in the ocean

On each and every turn
I hear jingles and the bells
Some trumpets and some drums
And even flutes and horns

People shop and dine
Tables full of feast
The gentle light of candles
Many hugs and kiss

 So happy lonely Christmas
 Not even one call on the telephone
 Even through the night I wait it rings

 No reindeers and no presents
 Two glasses of wines but no one to toast
 Like being one note erased from symphony

Life goes/ up and down 
All we can/ is carry on
Leaving our past youth-days
And suddenly all turns grey

Secret of funny jokes
Is not a great comedy
It’s when we can only laugh
from  tears and tragedy

So happy lonely Christmas
To all that’s forgotten and stand all alone
Maybe it is just us/ who closed our door

Silence is our language
Perhaps too proud too call others for help
Just waiting for someone to break those walls

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Managing Inventory for Preppers

Remember when I told you Headcounts + Daycounts = Headache?

Here are some examples of sheets that can help you manage your inventory. You can download it, use or modify according to your needs. Courtesy of Knuckle from the IPN. Go to the link below and you can found the download links there.

If you keep adding stuffs without knowing how much you've stored and suddenly too much stuffs all around, that is not prepping but that is compulsive hoarding. If you got hundreds of jars of pickles, ain't it better to trade some with other things? You can stock to many years, but if you don't have a system to manage it, in the end you'll end up storing mold and such.

This one is the sheet I use to manage inventory. It is more crude than Knuckle's but it uses different approach by using full-year view to handle stock.

The version 1.10 is already in development, trying to add some more items such as missing and trade rows, chart etc. Should be available around xmas.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Barge-o-Sphere Plants & Animals

List of Plants and Animals for the Barge-o-Sphere

When it comes to selecting plants and animals to fill the barge-o-sphere, here is my suggestion:


  • Coconuts
    You can drink the coconut water, burn the outer layer of the fruit to cook, create delicious nata-de-coco, also can do some fermentation with the coconut water, and many more.
  • Cassavas
    Considerably easy to cultivate in the right climate. Can be used as chips, fried or boiled, fermented, and more.
  • Bananas
    Eat it raw, fried or as cake, this horn-like tropical fruit is a must try. Boiled bananas is quite effective to fill our hungry stomach. We're going bananas bro.
  • Papayas
    Eat it in the summer heat and you will enjoy this fruit.
  • Jack Fruits
    May take time to grow, but once it blooms it will supply you with so many numbers of fruits. You can eat it raw, fried as chips, or use it for your cooking.
  • Bamboos
    You can use it as structure, create scaffolding, ladder, and many more. You can also cook the buds. Bamboo charcoal also got several purposes.
  • Mung Beans
    Simple to cultivate, as simple as you can plant this on a soaked cotton. You can boil and create a warm delicious  soup. Filled a mantou with it, and create some other types of cakes.
  • Peanut
    More than meets the eye. From boiled peanut to peanut butter, this crunchy fellow is a tasty companion.
  • Assorted Thingy for seasoning like Chilis, Onions, etc. 
  • Assorted Thingy like Carrots, Tomatoes, and such.
  • Edible Mushrooms.


  • Snails
    Easy to multiply, can get along with the papaya trees. Escargot anyone?
  • Rabbits
    Few couples of rabbits to start the rabbit boom. Skewered, sauced, and grilled, then sauced again for best experience. 

I know we can cultivate a lot of things in a controlled environment. I believe you can even bring cows or pigs, but for a Seastead we must carefully select the animals and plants that can produce adequate results with relatively simple effort and not so much waste products. Also comes to my attention how to create an ecosystem that supports the plants and animals one to another and can deliver the best meal both for vegetarian and meatarian.

Bamboo + Rabbit + Peanut + Chili = Skewered n Grilled Rabbit Satay

  • The bamboo can be used for the skewer.
  • Put some of the meat on the skewer.
  • Burn some bamboo to grill the skewered meat.
  • Grind peanut and chili for the sauce.

If you got other plants and animals ideas please leave a comment.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Seasteading Economics: Let There Be Shares!

Back to Seasteading topic.

SHARE can mean Stocks or Give.

To avoid mix-up with other kinds of share, let us call it as S3A (SEA STEADING SHARE ALLOCATION). The purpose of a S3A in a Seastead is to provide an opportunity for its inhabitants to become prosperous in economic terms through percentage of income when the Seastead can reach profit through its revenues from economic activity performed in the Seastead.

The S3A can be commonly created during the inception of a Seastead. 
  • Johny gives $100, Toby gives $50, Randy gives S25, Billy also gives $25.
  • Therefore the composition of S3A is Johny (50%), Toby (25%), Randy (12.5%), and Billy (12.5%)

  • The Seastead then runs a business by appointing Johny as operator. The rest of the Steaders work their own projects.
  • The S3A is not necessarily have to be printed in papers but it must be known to all Seasteaders on that particular Seastead about who owns it.
  • When the Seastead obtain a profit of $1000, some may be reinvested on the profitable business. Say 80%? Maybe that even some include bonus for Johny. Then the rest 20% can be divided to the S3A Holders.
Ever wonder why you still can meet poverty in a rich industrialized country?
  • Some says that people becomes poor because they are not competitive.
  • Some might even says that people becomes poor because they are lazy.
  • There are also who believes people falls to poverty because their own mistakes.
  • Others says it's about the absence of luck.
  • While some believes it is because they have no access to revenues.
The truth is, you can say anything you want about poor people or why people becomes poor until you become one of them.

Do you believe that people that doesn't work doesn't get paid?
Well, not all of them. Some were so lucky to inherit from their predecessors. In the opposite, there're people who whoops their ass to work all day through multiple jobs, with low resting hours, in hope to gain additional income without considering health effects both physical and mental. In the S3A system all Steaders are considered investors and owners. You can be a janitor and still receive S3A profits! S3A are not only for the big spenders. All for one, One for all!

The S3A model is actually a remodelled system of capitalism and fair share system. So everyone gets a piece of the cookie. Here Johny got a relatively fair share because he got some bonus for doing things right and profitable. While the rest can also enjoy Johny's hardwork because they are the investors and more important of all is they're on the same Seastead. The prosperity of the Seastead must be enjoyed by all of its dwellers. Therefore no Seastead inhabitants should be allowed S3A-less or without access to profit sharing. Even if it's only a tiny fraction, it's important for the distribution of wealth. I have seen some poor people lost their possessions sometimes forcefully to other people, therefore I wish the Seasteading is a more economically humane realm.

You may witness a big company buying a whole block of housing in a poor neighborhood and create a supermall. Why can't the owner of the block receives a tiny fraction from their sacrifices of giving their homes for the supermall? We can argue that it's a fair buying process. What we often overlook is the longterm effects that the rich tends to become richer and the poor is not a surprise become poorer. An economic activity should also empower the less fortunate.

But to own S3A, you have to give in money right? What about if they no longer issuing stock or don't want to sell their stock?
Did I mention anything about stock issue? I only wish to use one simple system which is the percentage (%). If you don't have the money or can't buy the S3A, you can become one of the Steader if the current Steader meeting agrees to have you in. Then some may give their S3A to you. Considering you are a freeloader, Johny gives you 0.00005% of his S3A, Maybe little, but it will makes you feel better to become one of the owners of a Seastead.

S3A is not recommended for collateral or traded to outsider because it may threaten the ownership of the Seastead to fall to outside parties, and you become rent-a-steading.

S3A is not an instrument of profit seeking, it is an instrument of profit sharing!

What? You're suggesting that a Seastead have to give every Steaders their share of money when there's profit? No catch at all?
Well, I don't say there's no catch. Steader can lose their S3A if they're repeatedly hinders the Seastead efforts without logical arguments. So they have to be nice to each other. In the extreme case, people can be jobless in a Seastead but still receiving their S3A profits but if someone (regardless rich or poor) become vandalistic or even saboteuring or endangering other Steaders, that person must leave (maybe detaching their own Seastead from the community).