Sunday, December 14, 2014

Barge-o-Sphere Plants & Animals

List of Plants and Animals for the Barge-o-Sphere

When it comes to selecting plants and animals to fill the barge-o-sphere, here is my suggestion:


  • Coconuts
    You can drink the coconut water, burn the outer layer of the fruit to cook, create delicious nata-de-coco, also can do some fermentation with the coconut water, and many more.
  • Cassavas
    Considerably easy to cultivate in the right climate. Can be used as chips, fried or boiled, fermented, and more.
  • Bananas
    Eat it raw, fried or as cake, this horn-like tropical fruit is a must try. Boiled bananas is quite effective to fill our hungry stomach. We're going bananas bro.
  • Papayas
    Eat it in the summer heat and you will enjoy this fruit.
  • Jack Fruits
    May take time to grow, but once it blooms it will supply you with so many numbers of fruits. You can eat it raw, fried as chips, or use it for your cooking.
  • Bamboos
    You can use it as structure, create scaffolding, ladder, and many more. You can also cook the buds. Bamboo charcoal also got several purposes.
  • Mung Beans
    Simple to cultivate, as simple as you can plant this on a soaked cotton. You can boil and create a warm delicious  soup. Filled a mantou with it, and create some other types of cakes.
  • Peanut
    More than meets the eye. From boiled peanut to peanut butter, this crunchy fellow is a tasty companion.
  • Assorted Thingy for seasoning like Chilis, Onions, etc. 
  • Assorted Thingy like Carrots, Tomatoes, and such.
  • Edible Mushrooms.


  • Snails
    Easy to multiply, can get along with the papaya trees. Escargot anyone?
  • Rabbits
    Few couples of rabbits to start the rabbit boom. Skewered, sauced, and grilled, then sauced again for best experience. 

I know we can cultivate a lot of things in a controlled environment. I believe you can even bring cows or pigs, but for a Seastead we must carefully select the animals and plants that can produce adequate results with relatively simple effort and not so much waste products. Also comes to my attention how to create an ecosystem that supports the plants and animals one to another and can deliver the best meal both for vegetarian and meatarian.

Bamboo + Rabbit + Peanut + Chili = Skewered n Grilled Rabbit Satay

  • The bamboo can be used for the skewer.
  • Put some of the meat on the skewer.
  • Burn some bamboo to grill the skewered meat.
  • Grind peanut and chili for the sauce.

If you got other plants and animals ideas please leave a comment.

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