Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Lonely Christmas Song

Almost Christmas, and this song is for you who plans to spend it alone. No intent to bring gloom, you might read the song title and said what the... Even how depressing the song lyrics may be, its actually a reminder for those who likes too much of being alone to re-connects with friends or family rather than spending the holiday alone. On the other hand if you're the merrier type, if you see some loner friends, share them some joy might be a good idea. This is audio only, so the screen should be blank.

Happy Lonely Christmas

On one day in December
The sun goes to slumber
The moon shines calls the stars
For a night that some say its special

The streets are full of lamps
With all the rainbow colors
People walks and smiles
Joyful in their hearts

 So happy lonely Christmas
 From me to me cos there’s nobody else
 Around to celebrate this Christmas eve

 Snowflakes fallin softly
 Cold in my hand but warm in my heart
 Bring back old memories inside my mind

So tell me what I’ve missed
Tell me what I do wrong
I wish I can turn back
Time where I belong

People comes and go
Good things long time gone
Drifting like a bottle
further in the ocean

On each and every turn
I hear jingles and the bells
Some trumpets and some drums
And even flutes and horns

People shop and dine
Tables full of feast
The gentle light of candles
Many hugs and kiss

 So happy lonely Christmas
 Not even one call on the telephone
 Even through the night I wait it rings

 No reindeers and no presents
 Two glasses of wines but no one to toast
 Like being one note erased from symphony

Life goes/ up and down 
All we can/ is carry on
Leaving our past youth-days
And suddenly all turns grey

Secret of funny jokes
Is not a great comedy
It’s when we can only laugh
from  tears and tragedy

So happy lonely Christmas
To all that’s forgotten and stand all alone
Maybe it is just us/ who closed our door

Silence is our language
Perhaps too proud too call others for help
Just waiting for someone to break those walls

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