Friday, December 26, 2014

Types of Preppers

This is the way I use to identify preppers. A prepper can be in multiple categories in the following table and sometimes intentionally or unintentionally can change types.

Type Name Info
Type M Great migration Maintain a large group to move geographically because of previous location is no longer habitable.
Type 10 Visionary Build or transforms facility primary for prepping purposes and allows survivors or allies to come over and band together .
Type S Solution provider Prepper that create products that supports prepper cause like safe rooms, portable water filtration system etc. 
Type 9 VIP Have a prepped home plus multiple bug out locations or caches.
Type 8 Two timer Have a prepped home and one bug out location.
Type 7 Road king Have multiple bug out locations or caches.
Type 6 Escapist Have bug out location available.
Type N Networker Able to communicate with fellow preppers or other parties through various telecommunication channels.
Type 5 Large scale collective/community prepping Multiple villages or multiple stories buildings participants.
Type 4 Medium scale collective/community prepping One village or one multi stories building participants.
Type 3 Small scale collective/community prepping Small group, like neighbourhood watch type.
Type 2 Core group prepping Focus on core family or buddies in one house.
Type 1 Self prepping Focus on himself/herself.
Type 0 Survivalist Can sustain without provisions.
Type X Survivalist plus Can sustain without provisions with lethal force as last resort of action.
Type XT Screw Loose / Marauder / Bandit Willing to plunder or use lethal force above negotiations.

Most preppers are a type 0+1, and why is that? Because going up to the ladder requires not only more effort and more cost, but also more trust. I use the numbers to describe the amount of resources required to be invested by a prepper, and letters means that type requires some specific actions. type 1 requires more resources than type 0, type 4 requires less resources than type 5 and so on. Why type 5 that requires more resources considered easier than type 6,7,8, or 9 that obviously has less people involved? That is because I assume that the effort of type 6 to 9 is heavier due the cost are being sustained personally while the type 5 although got more people and resources are created from pooling resources and cooperation. 0 is not a bad or weak number. They who are new in prepping usually a type 1 and not always ready to become a type 0.

If you ask who is the example of a type 10 prepper?
There's a man with the name Bruce Beach that built the Ark Two shelter over the last decades. He might not identify himself as a prepper though but rather as a reconstructionist with aims to provide a chance for survivors in his shelter to rebuilt culture. See the following article to know more:
On the other side there is one particular worrying possibility of a Type XT person or group, where they might start as a prepper or at least knows about prepping but when SHTF they start targeting other people or even preppers for their caches. Some labels them as marauder or bandit, and usually they are the type that has the following mindset:
  • "Better me than you."
  • "Less mouth to feed."
  • "The strong shall survive, the weak shall perish."
  • "The wonder of plunder."
This kind of people are usually only looking to justify themselves and reasoning likely will fail.

So when you feel you're bored with prepping, maybe you can try become other type of prepper. Like I've said before, prepping is not just about piling cans and ammo.

What types are you?

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