Thursday, December 25, 2014

When Someone Gives Up on Prepping

Just visited an old friend and when it comes to "What you add on your prep lately?", he replied that he is no longer doing "that sort of stuffs". He showed me the room that was previously his cache, now is merely a storage for old junks.

Why did someone gives up on prepping?
Is it the costs? Is it the critics? Is it the boredom?

Well of course someone can decide when to be or not to be a prepper anytime. This is not a cult whatsoever, but hearing the "I quit" word from your long time buddy surely gives a bit of disappointment.

If you say about costs, you can always prep to what you can afford. If it is about boredom, maybe you already too satisfied with what you have and cease to explore new alternatives. In my buddy case, he just cant stand it when people around him can't comprehend what he is doing.

I always consider prepping not as a skill, but as an art (that involves various skillsets). And like other type of arts, it can only be understand by someone who have interest upon it. Art inspires people by engaging their imaginations and expands their horizon. It takes one to know one, ey?

One critic my buddy said is many consider this activity is just a waste of time like waiting for godot. The other one of course the comments that maybe can be simplified as, "What kind of weirdo stores food for a year while there are convenience stores all around for twenty four seven?". Some may think the best day for a prepper is the day when sh*t hits the fan. When societies collapsed, etc. etc. Like winning a jackpot or something. Dang, aint that makes preppers looks so selfish? And don't pretend to be surprised if someone thinks we're just a bunch of coocoo. What we do might be a little bit eccentric to some, so we should just enjoy the critics. That's why don't show the cache to everyone, it should be only for fellow preppers :D

There are many articles that points out "facts" that everything continues on no matter what the world has thrown at us. I guess many oversimplifies such statement. Yes, I agree that most things will comes to normal gradually after any great events. But lets have this question in mind. When some public services halted during disaster for example, what you do? Complains? Waiting handouts from an agency? It is now a culture to blame others or something when we are failing to take care of ourselves. In normal times its already common to criticize a lot, let alone in harsh times. Most preppers are just only want to give their best efforts for themselves and their families or maybe their groups so they can buy some more time when gloomy days did come. However, it is important not to become too obsessive to the point of hoarding so much stuffs.

So prepping is not just about piling cans or ammo. Prepping should be fun, not becoming a burden.

Will I gonna stop prepping?
Hell, no.
Will you?

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