Sunday, December 28, 2014

Why Promoting Seasteading to Preppers?

Seasteading might be a strange word to many. It is actually like doing homesteading with a group but in the sea. Currently there's an organization called the Seasteading Institute that advocating it. They got this cool website, youtube channel, events, forums, etc. Please watch these videos to get a better grasp of the movement.

And the following are the reasons why I promote it to fellow preppers:
  • Seasteading is not a prepper exclusive effort, but it can be a type 10 prepping activity (read previous post on my classification of preppers).
  • It is an interesting concept for a Bug Out Destination / Bug Out Location when all things in land went in chaos.
  • It provides experimental platform for preppers to test various things from planting, building, economic system to alternative governmental system.
  • You know how it quite annoys me when some people just try to associate bad things with preppers? Like one time there are some shootings and somehow some people immediately associate or portrays the perpetrators as survivalist/preppers just because they often wear camo pants or something? Or sometimes some media portrays preppers and survivalist as anti-government, delusional, gun toting, food hoarding, good for nothing bunch? Well, here we have the chance to become pioneers and again the ability to test various prepping methods. We are not a threat to the society but we are part of the solution, not part of the problem.
Currently the concept is more on how to live in the sea, and that is exactly where the prepping ideas can be integrated in the early stages of the development. All those what-if scenarios should be interesting to be compiled and implemented to a seastead.

I just only hope it is not too close to the land, because it will be like camping next to a convenience store :D.

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