Friday, March 27, 2015

The Seasteading Institute - Architectural Design Contest

Sorry for this late announcement, I've been busy with some travelling. So straight to the pont, TSI has announced it Architectural Design Contest to develop ideas for a floating city. 




Click on the image above to see more information!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Assemble Your Prepping Crew

Sorry for low post in January, got busy on part time jobs...

What is the purpose of a prepping crew?
To some it may mean power in the number, and yes ~ more man power means more things can be done.
Well, my main reason is to prevent sleep deprivation. In a SHTF scenario, it's better to take turns on guard duty rather than forcing yourself through sleepless night.

Why can't just doing prepping alone?
I concern about the long term effects on doing things alone. I've been doing a kind of lone woof thingy for a few years back then and listening to yourself is nice, but little advice from other individual can add valuable data to refine your decision. There is nothing wrong with doing prepping alone, but a few buddies can reduce the boredom and the urge of giving up from prepping.

How many people should be in a crew?
After a few considerations, I believe the minimum is three person as a skeleton crew, but the effective minimum is four. In line with sleeping turn scenario, while one or two members sleeps ~ the other two will be on guard. It will be useful two have at least two persons on guard so they can remind each other to make sure they don't fall asleep . During bug-outing in a vehicle, one can drive, one can be a navigator, and the rest can be the shooter, or one can drive, the rest can become shooters.

Which one is better? A small crew or a large group?
It depends on your condition. If you plan to go mobile or stealth ~ then I would choose a small group. However, a large group do a better job in covering area and fortifying your stronghold.

What is the example of a prepping crew?
Try visit the Z.E.R.T website on or visit their youtube in ZERT702 channel. They got tac training expert, survival instructor, a mad scientist like engineer, and more.
Other example is you can watch in Preppers UK 2. Got a nice four man crew in the episode.

What will be the different with large crew?
Again small crew is good for stealth, hide and seek. Large crew is better for defensive position or for convoy mode.

Defensive position is when you have a fortress like environment, Some real estate got walls and large crew can be used to put guards on the walls and gates. A big ranch can also be suitable for large crew. In urban area a large crew can defend a building by guarding the entrance and such.

For the convoy mode, that means mobile. If you see a gang of biker, that's an example of a large crew. Some car convoys can also be good for traveling long distances. In a zombieland scenario, I believe convoys using one or two large semi-trailer trucks for supplies and spareparts, some pick-ups that can be rigged with weaponry, one or two fuel trucks, a bus perhaps, and some motorbikes for scout will be a nice combination.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Digital Prepper: Managing Your Data Files

This is a tip from the IPN forum, nice one:

~ Collecting & Sorting Prepper Data ~

Postby Knuckle » Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:17 pm

Like many others, I collect data daily regarding how to prepare for SHTF scenarios. But I have become selective in this process as to have a vast pile of information, but unsorted and thus inaccessible is just dumb. Can you imagine how much of your collection is just speculation of others? And how many times do you need to save the same information, just repeated in a different order? This is when I realized that I needed to trim off the fat and get to the core of each topic.

I started this thinning process over a year ago and have created a system along the way of sorting and categorizing data that allows me to find pertinent information in a much shorter timeframe. It's not a perfect system, but it allows for constant upgrading and modifying as I break down each subject into more specific topics.

Storing of Continuous Data Files

I do this sorting by simply creating folders within folders. This method allows for subject breakdown into specific topics and although it can become complex, it saves repeatedly looking thru the same files again and again. Here is an example of my first breakdown subjects...

1. Possible Disasters
2. How to Prepare
3. Contingency Plans
4. When SHTF
5. First Aid

Now everything I collect seems to fit into one of these categories better than the other...see my methodology?

If you take these subjects to the next step, they look like this.

1. Possible Disasters

1. Natural Disasters
2. Manmade Disasters
3. Basic Preparations
4. After a Disaster
5. Search and Rescue

2. How to Prepare

1. Stocking Up
2. Prepare the Home
3. Family Preparedness
4. Prep Your Vehicle
5. Electronics
6. Finances
7. The Neighbourhood

3. Contingency Plans

1. Become Self Sufficient
2. Bug Out

4. When SHTF

1. Bug In or Bug Out?
2. Hunker Down
3. Taking Stock
4. Neighborhood Watch
5. Government Actions

5. First Aid

1. Minor Injury
2. Examination
3. Ailments & Cures
4. Drugs
5. Patient Evacuation
6. Health and Hygiene
7. Veterinary

Now I don't profess this is the only way to do this, I just thought others might benefit who haven't discovered a way of approaching this problem as yet. You have to start somewhere to whittle down this collecting process to a realistic size and delete all that is redundant or misinformed.

I am starting a new approach to various topics and including only that which I consider worthy of mention from me own stockpile of information. I am trying to speed up this process somewhat so I can have a life back. I hope others will be as selective and share that which is best so we can all benefit from their acquired knowledge too.

If you feel that I should break thing down even further, just ask but I think you should have an overall idea as to how this system can work now. And if you have a better system, mention that too as I stated this is just the approach that I am using as I sort thru all.

~ Good luck ~

PS: Don't forget to carry the data in your Flashdisk during bug out.

To color the folder use Rainbow Folders:

Friday, January 9, 2015

Hypothetical Zombie Situation

Sorry for the ugly sketches, my drawing hands are a bit rusty.
Why zombie?

For me a zombie apocalypse is an example of possible natural disaster and or man made disaster, where ignorance, stupidity and bad lucks converges into a one nice package of surprises. If you ever experience or at least see a citizen riot, you will know what kind of chaos can happen during zombie outbreak. Citizen riot is performed by people, countered by enforcers. Now how many times around the globe we see that it is so difficult for enforcers to contain protests, demonstrations, or even raging sports fan before it turned into store looting, house burning, etc. Now that's being done by living people, with functional brains ~ imagine if it being done by zombies. What will happen?

Although I really like zombie-horror flicks, somehow some commonly accepted plot really worries me such as:
  1. Shoot them in the head!
  2. Zombies are slow.
While on the other hand there are "realist" view on zombies:
  1. Ain't gonna happen.
  2. Dead walkers going to rot anyway, no need to worry.
  3. Dead body is stiff, so walking zombie is not possible because of rigor mortis.
Now, what you will do if it really happens, they don't really rot themselves away, not so stiff as some predicted, have a considerable speed, and shooting in the head doesn't really stop them. Maybe by shooting them in the head, they fall down, after few days or so they just rise and walk again. Just like 28 days Later or Left 4 Dead types, with the addition that shooting in the head only temporarily slows them down. The part shooting zombies in the head ain't gonna be easy too. In panic usually we will likely to pepper them with bullets and with little luck we can miss a lot.

As far as the zombie movies are entertaining, it is best in mind to not take the tips and tricks performed as a hundred percent truth. Breaking zombie skulls as easy like egg shells, headshoting with bolts and arrows, outrunning zombie, etc. I like the part of outrunning, and agrees if they're slow, but think again even against a walking zombie assuming they don't get tired, running may need some plan B.

Why taking the zombie thingy seriously? Is there any even the slightest proof it may even occur?
Well, to be honest none as a so called proof, but once when travelling between cities I saw a crazy guy going full monty in a cold rainy day walks far away through the side of the road that consists of sharp pebbles and a week later saw the same crazy guy walks in a scorching asphalt road. On other occasion got some bad day being chased by dog with rabies. When in cage it bites the wires even if it hurt itself.

What's the connection between a full monty crazy guy and a dog with rabies?
Well, both shows a kind of "super" strength and seems like pain ain't stopping them even they got hurt really bad. Zombie thingy just might happens if somehow we got a little bit of this and that inside our brain, maybe virus or parasites, maybe some chemicals, maybe other things.