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Digital Prepper: Managing Your Data Files

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~ Collecting & Sorting Prepper Data ~

Postby Knuckle » Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:17 pm

Like many others, I collect data daily regarding how to prepare for SHTF scenarios. But I have become selective in this process as to have a vast pile of information, but unsorted and thus inaccessible is just dumb. Can you imagine how much of your collection is just speculation of others? And how many times do you need to save the same information, just repeated in a different order? This is when I realized that I needed to trim off the fat and get to the core of each topic.

I started this thinning process over a year ago and have created a system along the way of sorting and categorizing data that allows me to find pertinent information in a much shorter timeframe. It's not a perfect system, but it allows for constant upgrading and modifying as I break down each subject into more specific topics.

Storing of Continuous Data Files

I do this sorting by simply creating folders within folders. This method allows for subject breakdown into specific topics and although it can become complex, it saves repeatedly looking thru the same files again and again. Here is an example of my first breakdown subjects...

1. Possible Disasters
2. How to Prepare
3. Contingency Plans
4. When SHTF
5. First Aid

Now everything I collect seems to fit into one of these categories better than the other...see my methodology?

If you take these subjects to the next step, they look like this.

1. Possible Disasters

1. Natural Disasters
2. Manmade Disasters
3. Basic Preparations
4. After a Disaster
5. Search and Rescue

2. How to Prepare

1. Stocking Up
2. Prepare the Home
3. Family Preparedness
4. Prep Your Vehicle
5. Electronics
6. Finances
7. The Neighbourhood

3. Contingency Plans

1. Become Self Sufficient
2. Bug Out

4. When SHTF

1. Bug In or Bug Out?
2. Hunker Down
3. Taking Stock
4. Neighborhood Watch
5. Government Actions

5. First Aid

1. Minor Injury
2. Examination
3. Ailments & Cures
4. Drugs
5. Patient Evacuation
6. Health and Hygiene
7. Veterinary

Now I don't profess this is the only way to do this, I just thought others might benefit who haven't discovered a way of approaching this problem as yet. You have to start somewhere to whittle down this collecting process to a realistic size and delete all that is redundant or misinformed.

I am starting a new approach to various topics and including only that which I consider worthy of mention from me own stockpile of information. I am trying to speed up this process somewhat so I can have a life back. I hope others will be as selective and share that which is best so we can all benefit from their acquired knowledge too.

If you feel that I should break thing down even further, just ask but I think you should have an overall idea as to how this system can work now. And if you have a better system, mention that too as I stated this is just the approach that I am using as I sort thru all.

~ Good luck ~

PS: Don't forget to carry the data in your Flashdisk during bug out.

To color the folder use Rainbow Folders:

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