Friday, January 9, 2015

Hypothetical Zombie Situation

Sorry for the ugly sketches, my drawing hands are a bit rusty.
Why zombie?

For me a zombie apocalypse is an example of possible natural disaster and or man made disaster, where ignorance, stupidity and bad lucks converges into a one nice package of surprises. If you ever experience or at least see a citizen riot, you will know what kind of chaos can happen during zombie outbreak. Citizen riot is performed by people, countered by enforcers. Now how many times around the globe we see that it is so difficult for enforcers to contain protests, demonstrations, or even raging sports fan before it turned into store looting, house burning, etc. Now that's being done by living people, with functional brains ~ imagine if it being done by zombies. What will happen?

Although I really like zombie-horror flicks, somehow some commonly accepted plot really worries me such as:
  1. Shoot them in the head!
  2. Zombies are slow.
While on the other hand there are "realist" view on zombies:
  1. Ain't gonna happen.
  2. Dead walkers going to rot anyway, no need to worry.
  3. Dead body is stiff, so walking zombie is not possible because of rigor mortis.
Now, what you will do if it really happens, they don't really rot themselves away, not so stiff as some predicted, have a considerable speed, and shooting in the head doesn't really stop them. Maybe by shooting them in the head, they fall down, after few days or so they just rise and walk again. Just like 28 days Later or Left 4 Dead types, with the addition that shooting in the head only temporarily slows them down. The part shooting zombies in the head ain't gonna be easy too. In panic usually we will likely to pepper them with bullets and with little luck we can miss a lot.

As far as the zombie movies are entertaining, it is best in mind to not take the tips and tricks performed as a hundred percent truth. Breaking zombie skulls as easy like egg shells, headshoting with bolts and arrows, outrunning zombie, etc. I like the part of outrunning, and agrees if they're slow, but think again even against a walking zombie assuming they don't get tired, running may need some plan B.

Why taking the zombie thingy seriously? Is there any even the slightest proof it may even occur?
Well, to be honest none as a so called proof, but once when travelling between cities I saw a crazy guy going full monty in a cold rainy day walks far away through the side of the road that consists of sharp pebbles and a week later saw the same crazy guy walks in a scorching asphalt road. On other occasion got some bad day being chased by dog with rabies. When in cage it bites the wires even if it hurt itself.

What's the connection between a full monty crazy guy and a dog with rabies?
Well, both shows a kind of "super" strength and seems like pain ain't stopping them even they got hurt really bad. Zombie thingy just might happens if somehow we got a little bit of this and that inside our brain, maybe virus or parasites, maybe some chemicals, maybe other things.

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