Monday, February 2, 2015

Assemble Your Prepping Crew

Sorry for low post in January, got busy on part time jobs...

What is the purpose of a prepping crew?
To some it may mean power in the number, and yes ~ more man power means more things can be done.
Well, my main reason is to prevent sleep deprivation. In a SHTF scenario, it's better to take turns on guard duty rather than forcing yourself through sleepless night.

Why can't just doing prepping alone?
I concern about the long term effects on doing things alone. I've been doing a kind of lone woof thingy for a few years back then and listening to yourself is nice, but little advice from other individual can add valuable data to refine your decision. There is nothing wrong with doing prepping alone, but a few buddies can reduce the boredom and the urge of giving up from prepping.

How many people should be in a crew?
After a few considerations, I believe the minimum is three person as a skeleton crew, but the effective minimum is four. In line with sleeping turn scenario, while one or two members sleeps ~ the other two will be on guard. It will be useful two have at least two persons on guard so they can remind each other to make sure they don't fall asleep . During bug-outing in a vehicle, one can drive, one can be a navigator, and the rest can be the shooter, or one can drive, the rest can become shooters.

Which one is better? A small crew or a large group?
It depends on your condition. If you plan to go mobile or stealth ~ then I would choose a small group. However, a large group do a better job in covering area and fortifying your stronghold.

What is the example of a prepping crew?
Try visit the Z.E.R.T website on or visit their youtube in ZERT702 channel. They got tac training expert, survival instructor, a mad scientist like engineer, and more.
Other example is you can watch in Preppers UK 2. Got a nice four man crew in the episode.

What will be the different with large crew?
Again small crew is good for stealth, hide and seek. Large crew is better for defensive position or for convoy mode.

Defensive position is when you have a fortress like environment, Some real estate got walls and large crew can be used to put guards on the walls and gates. A big ranch can also be suitable for large crew. In urban area a large crew can defend a building by guarding the entrance and such.

For the convoy mode, that means mobile. If you see a gang of biker, that's an example of a large crew. Some car convoys can also be good for traveling long distances. In a zombieland scenario, I believe convoys using one or two large semi-trailer trucks for supplies and spareparts, some pick-ups that can be rigged with weaponry, one or two fuel trucks, a bus perhaps, and some motorbikes for scout will be a nice combination.


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