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My friends call me Jack Dee, maybe you know what it refers to? Bing bing bing… yes you’re right, I love a friendly glass (or bottle) of a fine *cough* distilled water. Luckily I’m a social drinker, so I’m not often pondering the moonshine if you know what I mean.
Prepping is just my thing since I was a little boy. Bringing more stuffs than any other kids around, bringing umbrella and raincoat even when the sun shines so bright in the middle of the summer. More pencils and erasers on the pencil case. Multi types of batteries and at least a bottle of water in my bag. First aid kits, mainly carbon tablets for bad case of stomachache, paracetamol, betadine, cough syrup, and last but not least is chewing gum to make my big mouth busy. Too often I wear double or even triple layers of clothing: Undies, shorties, trousers, t-shirt, long sleeved shirt, and jacket preferably with two sides.
I grew watching the Hulk, the ones starred by Lou Ferrigno. The main character Banner really made a deep impression on me. The way he lives a carefree life, going from town to town doing various jobs. Next when I was a teenager  I also saw an anime called the Golden Boy with Kintaro Oe as the main character, and like the previous movie the part of living from town to town freely really impressed me. Oh boy that’s a big sack of laugh for me since now I live in my suitcase or literally my rugsack. Since I can’t drive, public transportation is the preferable method to roam this realm. And just like Banner, sometimes using those thumbs to hitchhike is not a bad idea after all. I’m not as mobile as Banner or Kintaro because sometimes I stayed in an area up to a year or so but still faraway from home and living as a drifter that travels through jungle, river, mountains, sea, etc. although may not be an ideal way of life, got its own fun.
Now don’t get the impression that I’m a tough guy. I’m not athletic but still can run or jump fences in case of emergency. Not a muscle guy either and many said that I got a bad sense of fashion. Once I wore glasses, thick ones until I luckily got a corrective surgery when I was in college. By chance I finished college and get some pc certifications (290, 622, 680, etc.) but I just don’t fit in working inside office cubicles, so I decide to take part time menial or manual works as long as it’s on the field. From cutting branches, planting trees, to rolling barbwire, the atmosphere of being in the open is just so relaxing.
Several years ago I also had the opportunities to visit areas affected by tsunami, earthquake, and volcanic eruptions. Long story short, I saw that many were just so unprepared. And in desperation, resource scavenging is not uncommon to escalate into full frontal hostilities with pushing, scratching, biting maybe, or perhaps even a flying kick with high pitch of yelling over a can of sardines. With so much mouths to feed, and initial resources or reliefs were limited, several times I saw people will just go rushing for anything edible or of any current value in sight. No lines, no rules, just people shouting "mine mine mine..." Reminds me to the the character that always saying "my precious". Also experienced in being in the wrong place such as in a middle of a riot, clash between sport supporters, and recently a road blockade where the only escape is the sea and I’m not a swimmer. Yes, I can’t swim. Such realities makes me believe that prepping is an investment for our own well-being.
I brought an AMD 1.65 powered laptop with recently upgraded 4 Gigs of ram in my journey to write this blog... Naah, actually so I can play Freelancer, L4D & L4D2 (dam* cd missing), OpenTTD and Sid’s Alpha Centauri (SMAC) on my sparetime. Love to watch the following: Z-Nation, Doomsday Preppers, Macross Series, Doctor Who, Blacklist, Spellbinder, Captain Powers, and bunch more of anime and scifi movies.

Do I live in a Seastead? Nope. Well at least not yet.
Seavilization means that this blog will cover about civilization in the sea(stead). To be more specific, I will try to write my thoughts on Seaprepping  (Seasteading & Prepping) and hope one day can be a resident of the blue sea. If you want to know more about Seasteading, visit the following website:
Its a cool website and they got tons of interesting resources. If you're already a prepper, may also be good to exercise some sea legs.

Until then, see you on the next post fellow Seavilist... Aww man, why it sounds so familiar. What name is catchy enough to call ourselves? Seavilian? Seafolks? Seamale? Seapreppers? Well, if you got any ideas, leave a comment.

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